Charms Blow Pop Minis 3.5 OZ (99g)

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Charms Blow Pop Minis 3.5 OZ (99g)

Love the flavour of Charms Blow Pop lollipops but wish you could carry more than a couple around with you? BEHOLD! The Charms Blow Pop Mini is here! Four of the most loved Blow Pop flavours - Watermelon, Blue Razz, Cherry, and Sour Apple - in a nice big bag of Blow Pops without the stick! Portable, delectable and yours - right now!
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The Tootsie Roll Sensation

It's hard to believe that simple chewy chocolate penny candy could launch a hugely successful global candy company. But that's exactly what the humble Tootsie Roll did. First sold in 1896 by Austrian immigrant Leo Hirshfield opened a candy store in New York, the Tootsie Roll was created from a recipe he brought from Europe. It's made to that same recipe today. Tootsie Roll Indusries, as it exists today, now produces 21 different products of which the Tootsie Roll is by far the most famous. The company outputs 64 million each DAY!

Did You Know?

Leo's recipe requires the incorporation of the previous day's Tootsie Rolls into each new batch. That graining process continues today so, as the company says, "there’s (theoretically) a bit of Leo’s very first Tootsie Roll in every one".